By becoming a donor you will have to take care of your products/services and deal with your customers.

What does this actually mean?


  • After you sign up, WeDNA will provide you with a web interface where you can create and manage your products and track your sales. For example you can adjust pricing, shipping, inventory, add pictures etc.
  • You will be able to preview your products and once you believe your products are complete, click "Submit for review" to get your products made live.
  • Before a product will show up on the website we will review it to make sure everything is correct.


  • You will be shipping the products once a user buys your goods. So please try to be as responsive as possible because customer are used to "Amazon style" instant shipping. Check out the Knowledgebase on what to do when you are on vacation for example.
  • You will have to tell us whether you will be paying the shipping cost or whether the buyer pays for it or that shipping does not apply. 
    • if the buyer pays for shipping, then this has to be setup in your products and you will have to bill WeDNA for your shipping expenses (e.g. once a month).
    • if you donate the shipping then we will make shipping free and indicate that shipping is donated by the seller.

Customer Support

  • WeDNA will not be able to support customers in case they have questions about your product. So you will be responsible to respond to customer questions.
  • in order for customers to contact you, we will HAVE to publish at least an email address as means of contact. You have control via your Dashboard over what is made public on your vendor information page (see the Knowledgebase for details)


  • WeDNA will take care of all the donations, credit card fees, sales taxes etc.
  • The only thing you will have to keep track of is shipping, if you bill WeDNA for shipping costs.

That is it in a nutshell...

Looking forward to have you as a donor on WeDNA,

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