Alternative Spelling & Immigratory Species

Now that Betsy DeVos is in charge of the Department of Education she already made her mark by embracing “Alternative Spelling” which is fully in line with “Alternative Facts” coined by Kellyanne Conway.
After misspelling the name of a prominent African-American sociologist and a civil rights leader — and then mistyping again when apologizing for the error…

Alternative Spelling is just another creative way of making America great again and we also fully support Betsy in her relentless fight against those pesky Grizzlies that are invading our school rooms. A little known alternative fact is that the Grizzly immigrated illegally to the US from Canada. As our president so eloquently said, “they are killers”,  “and they’re coming to this country”; “a total disaster”.
We need a wall in the north to keep those Grizzlies away from our schools. The savings from the planned abolishment of the Department of Education ($70 billion) and the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) ($150 Million) will easily pay for a wall in the north.

The invasion from the south and the north is not the only thing that prevents America from being great again. Consider all the immigratory birds (note the alternative spelling compared to the traditional classification as migratory birds). Again our president warned about birds  “that  are from all over, that are killers, “and they’re coming to this country”, they are picking our American seeds. If you ever saw the The Birds from Alfred Hitchcock then you know exactly what we’re talking about here. When the president fixes our armed forces which are “a disaster” then the issue of immigratory birds will be addressed as well.

Let’s make America sane again…

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